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The Article to Send to Your Friends

Send this article to your friends and coworkers:

How Flex Can Transform the User Experience on the Web

I don't normally link to other articles, since so many people read blogs from MXNA, but this one is worth special mention. Christophe makes a great case for Flex without even needing to mention the free SDK. The only issue I have with the article is the phrase "available today... across all major operating systems". I can see Linux users ready to pounce on this already. It'll be "available soon, we promise".

If you send Christophe's article on to a friend, the reader will of course be itching to find out more about Flex. You can then soothe their itching with Manish's Hello World article.

Unrelatedly, for those wondering, we are still planning to release ASDoc to labs. The concoction should be emerging soon, I promise.