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Free Flex

I'm actually surprised with the announcement tonight of a free license for the Flex SDK and Enterprise Services. I do usually know of things like this beforehand and I had heard internally that this was being considered, but I didn't know it was a certainty. I'm very excited to hear this, as I think it will help Flex grow and grow and grow. I'm also happy because I work on the Flex compiler, and pieces that I work on, like compc, will have a large audience.

I've been MIA for awhile, but I do have a large post I've been working on when I can in the past few weeks. I rewrote Christophe's example for Embedding HTML in a Flex application using an IFrame for Flex 2.0 and to use ExternalInterface. It was a pretty small example that allowed me to detail all the steps I took. I will be traveling a lot in the next few weeks, but the post is nearly ready.