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Did You Hear the News?

Hey, did you hear the news? I'm kidding, as I've seen more posts and more excitement than I imagined on the upcoming alpha of Flex 2. When you have your head down coding for so long, you sometimes lose sight of how all the daily changes being made will be seen.

As long as I'm posting things a little late... I've already welcomed some of them, but a scotch toast to those from iteration::two. I'll be waiting (I'm sure in vain) for Macromedia to send me out to the great city of Edinburgh.

Going to MAX? I'll be there too- feel free to say hello if you see this guy.

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Kevinjohn Gallagher:

How can they send you there, when they don’t know where it is?

If you live in Scotland, Macromedia still make you say you’re in a different country when you register.

Or the classic when they had the UK developer meeting two years ago in Belfast, and the travel directions told how to drive there (but didn’t mention that the car needed to be a hovercraft as the Irish Sea is in the way). And when speaking to the US Macromedia representative to book, he told me all of England was joined together, so I didn’t need to worry about flying/boating. Maybe he got talking to my Mum, who convinced him I’m God; and I could just walk on water ;-)

Oh, and all of my macromedia correspondence still informs me I live in England, UK. I bet that will please the guys at iteration::two !!

Own government, own currency, own school system, own health service, own national identity etc. All ignored by Macromedia. And why wouldn’t they. It’s not like the country that invented Television/Monitors or the phone line should be remembered by Macromedia, because obviously, they have nothing to do with Macromedia’s business. Oh, no, wait…

Still, congrats to IT2. They’re a great company, and I hope the guys there grow under the Macromedia (and in 6 onths time Adobe) banner :-D

Kevinjohn, those are some amusing stories- the driving directions from Scotland to Belfast made me laugh out loud. Sorry to hear that Macromedians can be a bit clueless! I think most of this can be attributed to Americans sometimes being a bit, uh, geographically-challenged. :)

Had a great tiem at MAX are you going to be attending the next one?

Hi Stephanie, good to hear you enjoyed it. I don't know yet if I'll be attending the next one, but I hopefully will be.