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A Little Info on the Proxy in 1.5

Some more airport blogging. I was going to write an article on the proxy, the part of Flex that is used by HTTPService and RemoteObject to access resources. I never found time to write much about this, though, and I don't see much time clearing up in the weeks ahead. Here's the notes I've jotted down for why you'd want to use the proxy:

1. To have a centralized whitelist or when crossdomain.xml can't be used.
2. When you need to have the text from errors. This doesn't show up without the proxy because the player isn't always given the text from the browser when there's an error status code.
3. When you want custom dialog boxes for security, since the proxy is the only way to do custom authentication/authorization.
4. And there's probably more reasons in 2.0. I don't know much about what's happening in the enterprise offering, but I do know the team has some amazing people on it who have been working like mad.