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Hello world

Welcome to my home for occasional thoughts on Flex. I'm Brian Deitte, and after working on application servers for five years, I thought it was time for to be more than an email address.

I've been working on Allaire/Macromedia servers for quite awhile- two years on JRun and its servlet engine, a year tuning ColdFusion and CFCs, and nearly two years working on Flex and RemoteObject, the proxy, compc, and now the compiler in general.

I can't talk about what I've been doing lately, the great amount of work being done for 2.0, but I do have a few things I'd still like to share about Flex 1.x if I can find the time- information on a faster mxmlc that should appear shortly, an apologia for the proxy, and some thoughts on developing on unsupported platforms.

I've already read so many interesting things on Flex in blogland- Matt's early, where-the-hell-does-he-find-the-time posts, the neat IFRAME trick from Christophe, Scott's posts on CF and Flex, the ideas for building better RIAs from Sho, and of course much from the hard-drinking, hard-working folks at iteration::two. I can't promise anything like the above, but I should bring a few new Flex ideas into the mix. And yes this domain still serves its original purpose, as a permanent email home for me- you can contact me at brian (at

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Great to see another blog from a Macromedian! I should probably follow your lead and start using my personal domain for something useful as well.

I'm insulted. Who are YOU callin' hard-working ?!!?! :-)

Good to see you blogging Brian ... look forward to reading your posts !

Your credability went down 3 points, simply for linking to me heheheheheh

Awesome to have you in the blog-media, so looking forward to picking your posts apart for any glimpse or hint of new information i could possibly twist and contort into useful content to then pass off as my own, thus making me sound extra smart.

Now, about Flex 2.0.... :D

Thanks for the welcome, Hans and the rest. Steven, you will have to keep the adjectives given because only you are somehow able to be productive after a night out in Edinburgh. :) Scott, I have to remember to hold that 2.0 info close to my chest and not tell you about that neat flux capacitor we are adding to the product...

Well who bumped who's head as they were hanging the clock above their toilet to arrive at the creation of the FLEX 2.0 Flux Capacitor..

Hmm... I mean microsoft are the "Older Biff who steals the time machine and screws up the entire time warp process" so you guys have to make sure FLEX 2.0 is the Fusion of Fuel, in terms of technology leaps..thus to prevent an alternative 1980..

Ok... i'm lost in the "Back to the Future" analogies that aren't making sense..

heh, looking forward to more reads.


look forward to reading more articles!!

I am a Chinese student,I want to learn more about Flex.Thank you


I've been experiencing the "dreaded "NoChange" Flex compiler bug" discussed on the Flexcoders forum ( and - is there going to be a resolution to this in Flex 2.0?

The "NoChange" bug will not be a problem in 2.0.