I've had a manager's README for awhile. I have sent it out to people I manage as well as those I've hired. The initial articles I read on why to do it made sense to me. I like to make sure I'm communicating well to those around me, and this was another good way to do that.

I've read more lately though that makes me think different. While some people have feelings more strongly than I do on their non-worth, some of the points in here do resonate a lot with me. What is this getting me that the first hour of conversation with the person doesn't already get? Am I keeping it up to date? What signals does it send to those who work with me?

I do think that the manager README can still be helpful, as a way to introspect on how I think. I also think it can be a useful tool when I'm recruiting someone, as almost marketing more than anything on how I work. Hopefully positive and truthful marketing!

And so with that, here's not a manager README.