Ghost Theming 101

This blog has finally escaped from the default Ghost theme setup. It hasn't ventured too far away, but it at least no longer looks exactly like 90% of the Ghost blogs out there. And it has a spiffy computer icon from my daughter Elise.

Here's how I made the updates:

  1. Head into the General section of your Ghost settings and change what you'd like. This is a basic step you may have done already, but you may want to make further tweaks now that you can align it with CSS changes.
  2. Inspect your blog in your browser of choice, using the developer settings to find out more about the CSS in the part of the page you want to change.
  3. Use header section of Code Injection in the Ghost settings to set up some new styles based on what you discovered in #2. Make sure to enclose anything you add with a style tag. For instance, to change the size of the upper-left logo:
.blog-logo img {
  height: 90px;

Save, and that's it!